Because a journey is never truly complete without a local experience, BmyGuest Experiences was designed to offer unique moments to its guests, complementing unique experiences with stays in participating BmyGuest houses.

So we challenge our guests to make the most of the unique and unforgettable moments they can experience with outdoor activities, in close contact with Nature, with gastronomy, or with wine-related events, and even with a varied range of sports. 

We’re looking to add other experiences to our offer. If you have something new to present us with, get in touch atBmyGuest Experiences



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Av. da República, 45 - 6. Esc. 3

1050-187 Lisboa

telefone(+351) 21 796 03 26

(+351) 96 108 00 82


Rua da Firmeza, 582, SL Drt.

4050-226 Porto

telefone(+351) 91 198 90 48


Rua Sotto Mayor, 7 - 2F

8000-433 Faro

telefone(+351) 289 824 274

(+351) 96 927 57 77


Customer Care Service

telefone(+351) 96 813 79 33



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