Because a business trip can also be one of leisure.


And because there is a difference between travelling on different forms of transport and in different classes, with BmyGuest Business, we prepare your house to welcome you, as cosily as possible, for the duration of your stay. After all, feeling at home in a far-off city or country is a great first step towards good business.

And because the evening also has its place in a busy working day, it’s in the armchair in the living room that you’ll find all the comfort and relaxation you need, enjoying a drink or taking in the view from window.

And because the night could still be young for you, what better than taking to the city streets to try the tastes of local cuisine and re-charge your batteries after a tiring day. A moment to get to know some of the other spots that won’t be included in a daily work timetable.

BmyGuest Business provides short-stay accommodation rental solutions, with special conditions for companies. If your philosophy is along the same lines as ours, and the well-being and comfort of your colleagues as they travel is your priority, send us an email at: BmyGuest Business