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BmyGuest is a business dedicated to the promotion and management of properties, offering short-term rentals to clients travelling for business or leisure.

BmyGuest offers a vast selection of services which are all characterised by an entirely personalised approach.

BmyGuest holds high quality standards - something visible in the careful choice of houses it makes. As important as a house’s interior is: its location, accessibility, equipment, comfort and decoration. Our houses all speak the same unique language which symbiotically combines this set of factors, because we want our guests to feel as good in our houses as they do in their own.

What we do for you:

We maximise the profitability of your apartment, making the most of certain competitive advantages compared with traditional leasing, namely:

  • Increased annual profit: With a conservative occupation rate, the amount you receive is clearly greater, when compared with classic leasing.
  • Increased contractual flexibility: BmyGuest contracts are short-term – a year – with the possibility of extension, should both parties wish to do so. The client can have use of their apartment one month a year, so long as this doesn’t fall in high season.
  • Increased payment guarantee: Payment for all stays is always made by the client in advance, therefore avoiding non-payments.
  • Reduced property wear: With short-term rentals the property has reduced occupation and, as such, less use by those who temporarily inhabit it.

BmyGuest Products

To maximise the profitability of your property, BmyGuest has two types of service: BmyGuest Host Together and BmyGuest We Host.

BmyGuest Host Together is characterised by a joint commitment with the owner of the house or apartment in overseeing its short-term renting, and BmyGuest We Host is a “turnkey” service, with the guarantee of total accompaniment of the process by BmyGuest.

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